Original Novels

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Here is a collection of the novels and short stories that I have written. May contain non-kawaii texts that may not be suitable for users under 16. They are works of fiction and may not be reproduced, copied, or distributed anywhere else without my written permission. Feel free to read through them and enjoy. Updates will be every other week. Please join our mailing list to get notified when they are updated, edited, or changed. Thanks!


Seventeen-year-old Samantha James can't wait until high school is over as she begins her senior year. Her arch enemy since middle school, Jessica, is hell-bent on making her final year the worse ever as she continues her body shaming and bullying. 

Join Samantha James as she struggles to find her place through bullying, self-acceptance, and love.


Nichole: Autumn Edition

Nichole Waters finally returns to her hometown college, Honor University, one year after she left during her junior year. She promised herself that she would finally buckle down with her studies and put less focus on her promiscuous teenage sister, Clover. Even though her stubborn nature was strong, her resolve breaks when she ends up sharing a dorm room with the sexy star quarterback, Deivian Treye.


At first glance, Deivian seems like a flirtatious and arrogant loverboy who has all the college girls swooning over him. But as Nichole begins to break down his invisible walls, she discovers that there is a broken past he has kept hidden from everyone, even his current girlfriend, Tisha Redford.


After their feelings begin to grow for each other, everything else begins to fall apart as best friends become exes and relationships begin to fall apart. Nichole suddenly begins to wonder if this whirlwind romance is worth the loss of her childhood friendships?


Sweet Blood

Tega Kae is a 24-year-old hunter of all things regarding the Underworld. A sudden chance encounter turns out to be more than she bargained for as secrets from her past begin to surface.