Nichole Series


Nichole Waters is a sophomore at Honor University who is getting ready to begin her second year. Things begin to go awry as she finds herself sharing a room with the hottest guy on campus, the quarterback of the football team, Deivian Trey.

When she discovers that he is attached to her best friend, Tisha Redford, she does the unthinkable and confesses her feelings for him.

Things get worse when her childhood friend, Sangre Limet, begins to open up about his feelings for her.

As things hit the fan, will Nichole be able to let go of her beloved best friends for a chance at true love?


Nichole Waters stood in front of the
Residence Hall I of Honor University
contemplating if she had made the right
decision in returning to campus. This was the
first time that she had stepped foot on campus
since she left over a year ago. Her departure
was a painful one that she just wanted to forget
"I can't believe that I'm actually gonna do
this," she sighed.
The campus was quiet as few students
roamed the grounds during the early morning
hours. Taking a deep breath, she walked
towards the office door. The door swung open
as she reached for the handle, revealing a short
and pudgy woman.
"Excuse me, miss! Can I help you with
something?” The pudgy woman stared at
Nichole, “Morning classes have already begun."
It's Mrs. Rhodes. She was a strict old lady
who didn't allow the girls outside the dorm
passed midnight, Nichole thought, her curly red
hair is all gray now. I wonder what happened to
Taking a deep breath, Nicole explained
that she had spoken to the dean and was told to
visit her for a room assignment. Miss Rhodes
nodded and directed her to come inside. They
walked around the corner to the small office
that sat near the entrance of the building. Upon
entering, Nichole noticed that the room was
more crowded than it has been in the past. The
photos of Miss Rhodes and her husband
seemed to have been replaced with different
types of dogs.
"I know it's been a while, but is my room
still available?" Nichole asked as she stared at
the photos.
Miss Rhodes shuffled through the papers
with a confused look on her face, "Well, I don't
see your file here at all. I-I'm sorry, I forgot your
last name, honey. What was it again?"
I haven't even been gone that long. How
can she forget about me already, Nichole
"My name is Nichole Waters,” she sighed
as she sat down on the fluffy blue chair in front
of the desk.
"Hey, Miss Rhodes!" a husky voice called
out as the door of the office flung open.
Nichole quickly turned around to see a
tall handsome man standing in the doorway
with short brown hair and alluring hazel eyes.
Is he a new resident here? I haven’t seen
him before, she blushed, but he is seriously good-looking!
"Ah, yes. Mr. Richards! You're right on
He walked into the room with a confused
look on his face, "Right on time for what?"
"I think we have our first guinea pig,"
Miss Rhodes turned and smiled at her.
I don't really like that look on her face nor
do I like the sound of a guinea pig! Nichole thought
to herself as she watched the suspicious
interaction between the two.
"Oh right!" he replied slamming his fist in
his hand.
"I'm sorry, but what is going on?" Nichole
stood up and looked at both for an answer.
Miss Rhodes clapped her hands together,
"Yes! We are trying to implement a new system
to allow for more students to attend school. I’m

surprised the dean didn’t tell you?”
"He didn’t but can you please explain?”
Nichole sighed as she was still a bit confused.
"So, what she is trying to say is that we
are going to change the dormitories to coed
"C-Coed dorms?!" Nichole yelped. That...
doesn't sound like a good idea!
"Yes! Would you do us the honor of being
the first coed student?!" Miss Rhodes sat
waiting for an answer with a huge grin on her
“Is that okay? Or safe?” Nichole gulped.
"Of course, it is. Can you please do this for
us?" Miss Rhodes asked again.
I don't know about this, Nichole thought as
he walked up to her and grabbed her hands
while staring into her eyes.
Whoa, what’s going on?! Nichole glared at
"Oh, did I forget to mention that your
tuition will be covered for a year?"
"Seriously?!" Nichole blurted.
Mr. Richards looks at her for a second
before flashing a soft smile, "So, I guess that's a
Tuition covered for the first year? That
would give me time to look for a job and save up,
so I won't have to ask my parents for money.
Nichole let out a defeated sigh, "Sure."
"Excellent!" Miss Rhodes hopped up and
clapped her hands as Mr. Richards stood
proudly next to her.
Why do I have this sunken feeling of
"I have the perfect room for you, too!" he
smiled as he logged onto the tablet that he was
Why is he so excited?! Nichole pondered.
"Don't worry! This guy is the best choice
for you!" he smiled.
"Which guy is that?" Nichole looked to
Miss Rhodes for an answer.
Miss Rhodes just smiled as he turned the
tablet around and showed her the student file.
There was a picture of a well-built college
a student with tan skin, gorgeous green eyes, and
long deep brown dreaded hair that was in a
Oh my gosh! Nichole gasped as her body
began to flush.
"Are you okay, sweetie?" Miss Rhodes
"Yeah!" Nichole quickly turned around in
embarrassment, “I’m sorry, yes!”
Mr. Richards reached down and grabbed
her luggage, "Shall I show you to your room?"
She took a deep breath and suddenly
realized that they didn't mention anything
about room and board, "Wait a sec! What about
the other expenses?"
Mr. Richards turned and looked at Miss
Rhodes. Miss Rhodes frowned and explained
that they could cover those costs.
“We can get you some food vouchers, but
I’m afraid that’s about all we can offer at this
time,” Mr. Richards added.
Ugh! I can't believe that I’m going to do
this just for tuition! She groaned as she followed
Mr. Richards over to the Residence Hall II which
held the male dormitories.
They took the elevator to the fourth floor.
Okay, Nikki. You can do this! Nichole tried to give
herself a pep talk as they approached the last
room at the end of the long hallway.
"Well, I have to get back to the office, but I
think your roommate will be back soon. Here's
your key," he set her luggage down in front of
the door and held out the key.
She took the key from him and slowly
opened the door as he left for the elevator. The
room was quite large. There were tons of
posters that had famous football players on
them along with a few video game posters.
There was a large bookshelf in the corner filled
with comics and schoolbooks. Luckily, the beds
were on complete opposite sides of the room.
"At least he doesn't have a bunch of lewd
pictures on the walls," she checked around the
After finally putting all her things away,
she flopped down on the bed and took a nap. A
few minutes passed as she heard the doorknob
turn. Jumping up, she stared at the door as two
male students walked in. The taller student was
the one from the student file, and the other one
was a short male student with black hair that
was in a fade style and big brown eyes. He was
carrying a basketball and had on a basketball
“Whoa! You got a sweet package, Dei,” the
short one stated as he saw her sitting on the
The tall one turned around, “What are you
talking about?”
"Um, hi," Nichole awkwardly waved at
"Hey," Deivian replied as he pulled off his
shirt and tossed it onto his bed.
She forced herself off the bed and walked
over to them, "My name is Nichole. It's nice to
meet you."
Deivian stared at her for a moment before
flashing a smile. She could feel her body
temperature started to rise. Suddenly, the short
guy reached out and shook her hand.
“Hey, gorgeous. My name is Dante, and
that’s Deivian,” he said.
"Hello," Nichole smiled.
"So, how long are you staying?" Deivian
asked as he started unbuckling his pants.
What the-! she quickly turned around as
he pulled off his pants. She could feel her cheeks
beginning to flush. Naked! So naked! What is he
"Miss Rhodes said that my tuition will be
covered if I agreed to do this, so—" she
"Wow, seriously?!" Dante shouted in
"Y-Yes, but it’s only for one year," she
"What a shame, but if you get bored with
him, you can always join me in my room," Dante
“Don’t you have basketball practice?”
Deivian reminded Dante as he threw a shirt at
"Right. Right. Well, I shall be on my way. If
you need anything, don't hesitate to ask,
Nichole," he winked at her and left the room.
"Oh Okay. Thank you," she replied
without turning around.
"Are you finished?"
She let out a sigh of relief as she returned
to her bed on the other side of the room.
“You know that you don’t have to turn
around like that?” he laughed as he laid down
on his bed with one arm bent behind his head
while reading a magazine.
"It's just good manners. Besides, I don't
know you well enough for us to be stripping in
front of each other," she forced a smile.
Just warn me ahead of time at least! She
composed herself and asked, "So, can you tell
me a little bit about you?"
He looked over at her from the corner of
his eyes, "what for?"
“Since we are going to be living together,
then—” she hesitated for a minute.
"There's nothing to really know."
You don't have to be a stick in the
mud! She frowned at his reply, "Um, I heard that
you are a quarterback."
"Yeah, and I have a girlfriend."
What does that have to do with
anything! she pouted, "I am pretty sure that was
not what I was asking."
He sat up and put the magazine away on
the bookshelf above the bed, "I'm just letting
you know, so you don't go throwing yourself at
T-Throw myself at you?! Is this guy
serious?! She huffed, "I would never! You aren't
even my type!"
Standing up, he walked over to her. Her
heart started pounding against her chest as he
leaned in close to her, "Oh, really?"
Why is he so close?! Okay, don't freak out,
girl! The scent from his subtle cologne caused
her to become lightheaded. He smells so good!
"Trust me… I'm every girl's type," he
closed his eyes and smiled as he backed away
from her, "But right now, I have to get some rest
before practice."
"S-sure! Okay! I understand!" she
awkwardly nodded.
What the crap was that about?! she
thought, trying to keep her heart from bursting
out of her chest!